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Goose liver

Goose liver can be served several ways. The most famous way is pate. In this case the liver is baked in dough, and the cavity that forms in the process of baking is filled with jelly and cognac or Madera. Pates with truffles are no less famous. With such way of cooking the surface of liver is covered with a layer of fat to prevent drying. By the way, this fat is not eaten. The liver can be also in the form of fluffy parfait. Liver can be marinated, subjected to hot smoking and even fried.

In all cases the liver is eaten only with a knife and a fork. And almost always the dish is served with brioches (little rolls), because the tender sweetness of yeast dough goes well together with more or less distinctive aroma of goose liver. The effect depends on what the geese were fed with, and also on what the liver itself was marinated in.

The dough in which the pate is baked is often just a way to relief hunger, which is absolutely not necessary to eat. The jelly which is sometimes added to the pate or the parfait (if it is of good quality), on the contrary, in the sense of aroma can create either a counterbalance or a complement to the aroma of goose liver.

As for jelly that sometimes has a taste reminding of rubber or completely no taste - the customer should just simply reject it.

In liver pates covered with fat the yellowish-green fat cuff is removed. It adds absolutely nothing to the aroma and taste of the liver, and the liver itself is quite fat anyway.


If fried liver is left in the open air, surprising things can happen with it in a while. Instead of resisting the knife or thawing in the mouth it starts to just lose shape and become sticky. It also happens that not all sinews and blood vessels of the liver are removed, which leads to some discharge of blood when it is cut.

However, it will be in no way connected with your liver cutting skills. More likely it will depend on the quality of the liver and the attentiveness of the cook.

Drinks: The choice of wine depends on the degree of sweetness of the liver (bitter and tart versions also exist.) The range of appropriate wines begins from half dry wines resembling sherry from Jura and ends with classical Alsace Tokai, noble varietal or made from choice grapes Rieslings or Traminers from Germany (Baden, Mozel) or Alsace.


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