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Ingredients :

1 goose liver of 750 g weight, 350 grams of pork tenderloin, 250 grams of unsalted pork fat, 125 grams of goose liver pieces , 25 grams of salt, 250 grams of bacon slices, 1 truffle or porcini mushroom of average size, 50 grams of cognac, 50 grams of Madera, 250 grams of inner pork or goose fat, 2 bay leaves, pepper, nutmeg.


The coveted dish, of which the French speak with awe, raising their eyes up to the sky. Once somebody told me: "Foie gras (this is the French name of the pate) is for us what black caviar is for you". Obviously it is so, it is enough to just remember the price of a thin slice of "foie gras" in Jacque le d'Euvelleque's Paris restaurant... "Foie gras" - a traditional Christmas dish - together with roasted turkey and Christmas log (cake) adorns the holiday tables of families that can afford it.

So, let's try to cook this dish, which wouldn't be ashamed to be the centerpiece of even a president's table. Not a problem that we don't have truffles, we'll boldly substitute them with porcini mushrooms!

And we'll substitute the goose liver of 750 grams weight (French farmers feed the geese in a special way, so that their liver is hypertrophied) with the liver of our own geese or with chicken liver.

Take a good, firm liver, soak it in milk, clean of films, bile ducts and fat. Stud it with pieces of raw truffle or porcini mushroom, pour cognac or Madera over it and leave to be marinated for 3 hours.

In a meat grinder process pieces of goose liver and pork tenderloin cleaned from films and sinews; the resulting ground meat is again processed in a meat grinder with a fine grate or strained through a sieve; put into a bowl, add salt, pepper, nutmeg and the cognac and Madera in which the liver was marinated.

Take a round or square baking pan and inlay its bottom and sides with 2/3 of the ground meat. Put the marinated liver in the middle, cover it with the rest of the ground meat. Above it put the slices of bacon and 2 bay leaves and place in the oven on a water bath. Bake 30 minutes per 1 kilogram of weight.

Cool the ready pate and pour slightly heated goose fat over it so that the pate would be in a shell of fat.

Foie gras is served very cold, 48 hours after preparation.


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