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Black pressed caviar

Black pressed caviar is made from the roe of sturgeon , beluga or stellate sturgeon. Pressed salted caviar is different from fresh-grained caviar. Pressed caviar is not scrubbed; it is pressed with a weight. Resulting caviar heads are transported in sacks; this caviar is of high grade. Stellate sturgeon 's pressed caviar is the best. It is manufactured out of fat stellate sturgeon 's grains or out of the mixture of stellate sturgeon's and sturgeon's roe. Pressed caviar has the texture of a homogenous spread and is intended, first of all, for sandwiches. A good pressed caviar has smooth and tender low-salt taste and a distinctive aroma. This caviar shouldn't be stored any longer than 8 months.

Pressed caviar is made out of fresh caviar which is unsuitable for making fresh-grained caviar. For its preparation the tuzluk recipe is used, that is, salting in brine. The roe is salted without removing the membranes - yastiks, at the temperature 40 degrees Centigrade. After salting and light pressing, which turns the caviar into a homogenous paste, it is packed in jars.

Processing of pressed caviar begins from the same preliminary operations as for the grained one. The egg-bearing fish is cut, and the yastiks are beaten through a caviar sieve. In the sorting of roe mixing different kinds of sturgeon fish is permitted.

The roe is brined in saline solution of the density 1,192 at the temperature 40 Centigrade. The brine is first heated until boiling, then poured into tubs, where it cools a little and settles so that possible impurities could precipitate. The amount of brine in the tub should exceed the weight of roe 4-5 times. The brine should be heated such that after adding roe its temperature is 40-42 degrees Centigrade.

The roe is stirred during the process of salting, which continues for 1.5-2.5 min. Salted caviar is put into bags and pressed until the water content is no more than 40%.

Prepared caviar is packed tightly, without empty spaces, into jars made of white tin of capacity up to 1.6 kg, lacquered inside, into glass jars of capacity 60 or 120 g, or into tight oak 50-liter barrels covered with paraffine wax inside and with linseed oil varnish outside.

Pressed caviar is stored in refrigerators under the temperature -6 -7 degrees Centigrade and humidity 80%.

Pressed caviar of sturgeon fish is prepared from roe without any foreign flavors. Mixing stellate sturgeon or barbel sturgeon caviar with sturgeon or beluga's caviar during processing is acceptable. Pressed caviar should have distinctive homogeneous dark colour. The consistency of pressed caviar should be not too viscous and not too liquid, but it shouldn't be firm either.

The salt distribution should be uniform, and the taste should be without bitterness , acrimony and any unpleasant flavors. Presence of preservatives and foreign impurities is unacceptable. There is no grading of pressed sturgeon caviar. Caviar should be of uniform dark colour in appearance and have distinctive pleasant low-salt taste with a touch of bitterness. Salt content should not exceed 5%.


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