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Dried Morels - Cone Shaped, No Tail, France, 1 Lb

Morchella Conica
Cone shaped - no tail. Extra Quality.
A wild edible mushroom whose cone-shape cap has a honeycombed appearance. The cap ranges from two to four inches tall and the mushrooms stem is hollow. The different varieties of morels vary in color from light yellow to dark brown. The darker the mushroom's color is, the stronger its flavor becomes. They have a nut-like taste with a crisp, chewy texture that makes it a good choice for light cream sauces, pastas and egg dishes. The morel can be found growing singly or in groups near hardwoods, old apple orchards, and near dead elm trees, but its most popular habitat is in burned areas. It is one of the first mushrooms to appear in the spring, even before all the snow has disappeared. They should never been eaten raw because this may cause acute gastrointestinal illness. Morels are sold fresh, which are available seasonally, and dried, which are available throughout the year. They are also known as sponge mushrooms and yellow morel mushrooms.

Always wash the mushrooms before soaking. Put them in a bowl and pour the hot water over the mushrooms & soak until softened, about 15 - 20 minutes. Excellent addition to meats, fishes, pastas, salad, soups & sauces!

Vacuumed Bags: 1 LB (16oz)
Product of France.
Sale Price: $363.00
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Availability: Yes

Code: 050100
Product: Dried Morels - Cone Shaped, No Tail, France, 1 Lb
Price: $363.00



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